Supporting development of SARS CoV2–specific monoclonal antibodies

Supporting development of SARS CoV2ndashspecific monoclonal antibodies

A neutralizing antibody to the SARS-CoV2 spike protein

In additional to vaccines, monoclonal antibody–based therapeutics are rapidly being designed and used to treat and prevent SARS COV2 infection. While the leading monoclonal therapeutics are all neutralizing antibodies, it is unclear if neutralization alone is protective, particularly when used in a therapeutic setting (as opposed to a prophylactic setting). As the functional activity(ies) required for resolution of disease or prevention of infection remain unknown, the antibodies currently being tested are being developed with differing amounts of antibody functionality.

antibodydependent cellular deposition line graph

SeromYx has fully adapted the Systems Serology platform to evaluate the extra-neutralizing functional activities of monoclonal antibodies, including the addition of assays to quantify the potential of antibodies mediate antibody-dependent enhancement of infection and disease. SeromYx has partnered with a number of groups developing monoclonal antibody therapeutics to profile the effector function of candidate monoclonal antibodies, providing critical information to guide further development more efficacious therapeutics.

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updated: 9 months ago